I am Stephanie “Safiyatou” Edwards, the creator of a sisterhood called

BaltimoreGirls.  BaltimoreGirls is a representation of strong females of all

ages who are on the rise to sisterhood in a city that is thirsty for such a

connection. The purpose of BaltimoreGirls is to break down boundaries that

keep us from bonding, trusting, respecting and loving one another.

    As a showcase of the movement and to highlight the positivity and the gems

that we hold here in this city, I am having the first, of many events,

entitled “Illuminating Souls Art Exhibit.” The event is a multi-dimensional

and multimedia art exhibit, Baltimore City will see the beauty of its talent

that lies underneath the Wire. The event will take place on Saturday, May 3,

2014. We have two showings, 3-5pm and 6-8pm, at The Living Well located at

2443 N. Charles Street. It is through this exhibit we will strive to break

down the boundaries by allow our souls to illuminate over all the negativity

that has plagued our city.

    The event will showcase the lives of BaltimoreGirls – it will tell their

stories of trials and tribulations and survival displayed through the beauty

of photography, film, and performing arts in the city that they love. The

goal is to create an ongoing sisterhood by going on an amazing journey of

healing, laughter, loving, growing and learning a new way to the approach of

sisterhood.  Once you become a part of Safiyatou’s vision, a love of this

dynamic brand, you will feel the warmth and comfort of a family of women in

a city that can no longer keep us hidden.

    Safiyatou’s is my brand name that represents my love for hair design,

modeling, fashion and art.  I am a homegrown BaltimoreGirl that has a

passion for sisterhood and the city that I am not afraid to represent. When

asked why I chose such a profound project, I replied by saying “I didn’t

choose this project, this project chose me.”

    I hope that you will allow me to be a guest on your show to  share with the

citizens of Baltimore this art exhibit.